Master thesis defense at CEPE : confronting new issues in the animation industry II



Each academic year ends with the theses defense by the students of Master 2 Brands and Youth Products of the CEPE – IAE of the University of Poitiers. This year 2019-20 yet again, the students have chosen rich and fascinating thesis subjects, and the jury honored some excellent academic works. The topics addressed in the research papers were quite varied and audacious. As one would naturally expect, they were inspired by sectors related to children’s consumption: Cartoons, toy shops, video games, babycare products, amusement parks, social networks, and luxury fashion brands for children, to name the few.

In this article, we will focus on one of the theses around the theme of animated movies or cartoons. The comics’ capital city of Angouleme, where CEPE is located, undoubtedly influences its students’ choice of the research subject. Thanks to an entire ecosystem dedicated to the image (higher education schools, industries, the residence of more than 250 cartoonists), fostered by the organization of the « Festival International de la Bande dessinée » each January and the multiple exhibitions offered by the « Cité de la Bande dessinée et de l’image, » Angouleme has established itself as the world capital of the 9th art.

In our series of master thesis defense around the theme of animated movies, another research paper that needs a mention is that of Babis PAPAGEORGIOU titled « How to improve and develop the Greek cartoon industry in the context of globalization ». In French : « Comment améliorer et développer le secteur des dessins animés grecs dans le cadre de la globalization »).

This research focuses on the reasons for the underdevelopment of the Greek animation sector and the areas for improvement of this problem. The approach examines the structure of a strong sector in a highly competitive global industry. In addition, the research identifies the causes of the lack of advancement during the evolution of the history of Greek cartoons to the present day. It also delves into cultural elements as differentiating dispositions, in a globalized environment of mass production. Next, the study discusses the untapped opportunities looking at the cases of other countries and at the same time the importance of following the trends and developments in the global animation market. Finally, it consists of an effort to encompass the instruments of actors around the public (parents, children), indicating the opportunities and advantages that the universes of diversity offer.

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