Legal News from Brussels : By Maryke HANNEMAN

As a follow-up to the lecture I gave in the Master in Youth Marketing, on September 22nd and 23rd, I offer you a summary note on the regulatory evolutions that are being prepared at the European level concerning the chemical compounds present in certain products likely to affect the well-being of children. I continue to decipher the evolution of the regulatory aspects that youth marketing professionals need to be aware of. I will come back soon for a new update!


The European Commission published a chemicals strategy for sustainability on 14 October 2020, in which they present their 7 steps plan to:

  1. Extend the generic approach to risk management to ensure that consumer products – including, among other things, food contact materials, toys, childcare articles, cosmetics, detergents, furniture and textiles do not contain chemicals that cause cancers, gene mutations, affect the reproductive or the endocrine system, or are persistent and bioaccumulative;
  2. Ensure the safety of children from hazardous chemicals in childcare articles and other products for children (other than toys) to provide the same level of protection as in toys, through the mandatory legal requirements of the General Product Safety Directive and restrictions in REACH;
  3. Extend to professional users under REACH the level of protection granted to consumers;
  4. The right to health for children will also be addressed in the upcoming “EU Strategy on the right of the child”, to be published in the 1st Quarter 2021;
  5. Use the CLP Regulation, which aligns the European Union system of classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances and mixtures to the Globally Harmonized System, as the central piece for hazard classification;
  6. Oblige certain polymers to become subject to REACH registration;
  7. As the large majority of chemically unsafe products being sold in the EU are imported and sold on online platforms, the Commission will search for measures to extend the application of REACH to these products.

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