Analytical modelling of mechanical face seals: post #0

I will present in the next following posts a simple analytical model of mechanical seals. This model includes lubrication, asperity contact, heat transfer and seal faces deformations. It allows to calculate the fluid and contact pressure, the distance between the faces, the average temperature, etc. At the end of this serie, I will give an excel sheet containing the implemented analytical model. For more informations, it is possible to read the two following peer-review papers where the theoretical work is developped:

  1. Brunetière, N. “An Analytical Approach of the TEHD Behaviour of Mechanical Face Seals Operating in Mixed Lubrication,” IMechE, Part J, Journal of Engineering Tribology (224:12), 2010, pp. 1221-1233. (article in free access now:
  2. Brunetière, N. and Apostolescu, A. “A Simple Approach to the ThermoElastoHydroDynamic Behavior of Mechanical Face Seals,” Tribology Transactions (52:2), 2009, pp. 243-255. (

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  1. Ahmad Assem Hemmat

    Dear sir, i am very impressed with your posts, i am student in Egypt , Cairo university, i am trying to do a FEA on mechanical seal faces and using analytically methods to determine and predict failure in seal faces , i would like your assistance on the subject given your experience in the matter.

    best regards

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