Childcare and NHS BBC Panorama programme, The Cost of Raising Britain, on Monday 27th February 2012, which took the example of the impact on women working for Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital trust, nurses, managers, and parents whose nursery was threatened with closure by cuts in local council spending, including an interview with Ananda Shukla, Chief Executive of the Daycare Trust, major charity involved in pushing for reform in childcare provision, addressed  issues far greater
than the immediate question of the cost of childcare :

1. the real advances made in childcare in the UK in recent years

2. the gender balance in specific sectors of the economy – here, welfare and specifically the NHS

3. the impact of spending cuts on communities

4. the process of inclusion – bringing deprived families, children and their mothers, out of isolation and social exclusion.

See also BBC News Education article  Childcare cost rises ‘may make parents quit their jobs’ by