Nouveautés ebooks sciences et techniques #4

numerique-150x1501Votre bibliothèque vous propose un large choix de ebooks (livres numériques), téléchargeables et empruntables, 24 heures sur 24, de partout. Via la plateforme Dawsonera, 657 ebooks sont disponibles, abordant essentiellement les domaines suivants : sciences et techniques, informatique, sciences sociales et humaines.

Pour compléter cette offre, une sélection de 25 titres vous est proposée chez l’éditeur Wiley :

  • Biologie

Biomolecular information processing : from logic systems to smart sensors and actuators / edited by Evgeny Katz.- Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2012

The wetlands handbook / editors, Edward Maltby,… Tom Barker,….- Oxforf ; Chichester ; Hoboken (NJ) : Wiley-Blackwell, 2009

  • Chimie

European women in chemistry / edited by Jan Apotheker and Livia Simon Sarkadi.- Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2011

Catalysis without precious metals / edited by R. Morris Bullock.- Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2010

Zeolites and catalysis : synthesis, reactions and applications / edited by Jiríi Cejka, Avelino Corma, and Stacey Zones.- Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2010

Characterization of solid materials and heterogeneous catalysts : from structure to surface reactivity / edited by Michel Che and Jacques C. Védrine.- Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2012

Applications of transition metal catalysis in drug discovery and development : an industrial perspective / edited by Matthew L. Crawley,… Barry M. Trost,….- Hoboken (N.J.) : Wiley, 2012

Organic chemistry : breakthroughs and perspectives / edited by Kuiling Ding and Li-Xin Dai.- Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2012

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy : an introduction to principles and practices / Paul van der Heide.- Hoboken (N.J.) : Wiley, 2012

Biocatalysis in polymer chemistry / edited by Katja Loos.- Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2010

Polymers in industry from A-Z : a concise encyclopedia / Leno Mascia.- Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2012

Modern methods of crystal structure prediction / edited by Artem R. Oganov.- Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2010

Raman spectroscopy and its application in nanostructures / Shu-Lin Zhang,…. – Chichester : Wiley, 2012

Green techniques for organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry / editors Wei Zhang,… Berkeley W. Cue Jr.,….- Chichester : Wiley, 2012

  • Informatique

Nonlinear system identification : NARMAX methods in the time, frequency, and spatio-temporal domains / Stephen A. Billings,….- Chichester : Wiley, 2013

  • Physique

Low voltage electron microscopy : principles and applications / edited by David C. Bell,… and Natasha Erdman,….- Chichester : Wiley, 2013

  • Sciences pour l’ingénieur

Non-smooth deterministic or stochastic discrete dynamical systems : applications to models with friction or impact / Jérôme Bastien, Frédéric Bernardin, Claude-Henri Lamarque.- London : ISTE ; Hoboken (NJ) : Wiley, 2013

Computational fluid-structure interaction : methods and applications / Yuri Bazilevs,… Kenji Takizawa,… Tayfun E. Tezduyar,….- Chichester : Wiley, 2012

Introduction to tribology / Bharat Bhushan,….- Chichester : Wiley, 2013

Principles and applications of tribology / Bharat Bhushan,….- Chichester : Wiley, 2013

Numerical calculation of lubrication : methods and programs / Ping Huang,….- Singapore : Wiley : Tsinghua University Press, 2013

Grease lubrication in rolling bearings / Piet M. Lugt,….- Chichester : Wiley, 2012

Vibro-impact dynamics / Albert C. J. Luo, Yu Guo,….- Chichester : Wiley, 2013

Practical residual stress measurement methods / edited by Gary S. Schajer.- Chichester : Wiley, 2013

Numerical methods in contact mechanics / Vladislav A. Yastrebov.- London : ISTE ; Hoboken (NJ) : Wiley, 2013

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